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Hofman Lamson logo for websiteGardner Denver offers a great product mix of the historical Industry leaders of Hoffman and Lamson Multistage Centrifugal blowers. The cast iron and fabricated multistage blowers offer the best quality and custom features in the industry.  The product range covers the flow from 100-25000 CFM flow and pressure/vacuum of 0-18 PSIG pressure or 0-17” HG vacuum.

For more than 100 years, three names have been synonymous with engineering vacuum systems solutions, Lamson, Hoffman and Invincible. Today, those legacies are joined under the Gardner Denver name, creating the most comprehensive line of engineered vacuum systems in the world.

shomeverantisVerantis is a global company dedicated to solving environmental control challenges. We design, fabricate, install and service a complete line of pollution control equipment including Scrubbers, Industrial FRP Blowers, Tellerette® Tower Packing as well as other services that can assist you in meeting your environmental goals.

Our expertise includes the knowledge and understanding of the latest environmental regulations that affect your business and the technical competence to design, install and maintain your pollution control system at the highest levels of performance and regulatory compliance. With a complete line of Spare Parts and an expert Field Service organization with global capabilities, we can provide solutions for the automotive, chemical processing, polysilicon and siloxane, fiber optics, mining/mineral processing, boiler, and a variety of other markets. We are familiar with the latest environmental requirements, such as Boiler MACT regulations, and can help you meet and address the issues you need to meet these requirements. Whatever your need, Verantis can provide the solutions for your environmental control challenges!

shomeamatekAMETEK T echnical & Industrial Products’ ROTRON brand has long been a world leader in regenerative blower technologies , bringing regenerative advantages to a new level, providing quiet, maintenance-free, oil-free operation. Our indu strial DR (Domestic Regenerative) blowers include: rugged cast aluminum housing, cover, impeller, and muffler tower, removable cast iron flanges bolted to a sheet of metal manifold, TEFC motors on single-ended models, ODP motors on all double ended models, carbon steelshaft and zinc plated hardware, and permanently sealed motor bearings for 20,000-25,000 hours of life. Our CP (Chemical Processing Regenerative) blowers include: Chem-Tough(TM) surface conversion corrosion resistant treatment for aluminum casting, Teflon® lip seal in a stainless steel case standard for leakage containment to 25 cc/min or less, Chemical Duty motors with a 303 stainless steel motor shafts, stainless steel hardware throughout, and nickel plated flanges and muffler retainers.

Our environmental EN blowers are designed the same as the DR blowers, except added features include: heavy duty cast aluminum manifold, our spark resistant housing cover, impeller, muffler tower and manifold are vacuum impregnated, Teflon® lip seal in a stainless steel case standard for leakage containment to 25 cc/min or less, explosion-proof motors standard and available in a variety of world voltages, all metal-to-metal surfaces are sealed with RTV sealant, and various UL explosion-proof listings. Consult factory. Environmental (EN) regenerative blowers are also available in our Chemical Processing (CP) configuration: Chem-Tough(TM) surface conversion corrosion resistant treatment for all castings, Teflon® lip seal in a stainless steel case standard for leakage containment to 25 cc/min or less, stainless steel hardware throughout, and nickel plated flanges and muffler retainers.

shomekineticsCelebrating our 50th year in 2008, Kinetics Noise Control has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing innovative products to control sound and vibration. Established in 1958 as engineers focusing on sound and vibration control, Kinetics pioneered development of pre-compressed, molded fiberglass pad isolators that would be incorporated into an innovative new floor isolation system. Previous trade names of Kinetics Noise Control include Consolidated Kinetics and Peabody Noise Control.

Over fifty years later, Kinetics’ now produces the industry’s largest selection of innovative products to address vibration and noise control, room acoustics, and seismic restraint concerns for almost any building application. Value is added with our experienced staff of engineering and customer support people ready to work with you.

shomeflsmidthFLSmidth Inc.–Pneumatic Transport (FLS-PT) is part of a global corporation providing mineral and cement processing solutions. FLS–PT designs and manufactures complete pneumatic conveying material handling solutions for the minerals and cement industries. FLS-PT offers all types of pneumatic conveying technologies including dense phase, dilute phase and Airslide. System performance guarantees are provided based on experience and a full scale testing lab. Scope  ranges from components to complete installed and commissioned systems.

shomenorthernbNorthern Blower is one of the most progressive industrial fan companies in North America. We are committed to the manufacture of an excellent product and the provision of outstanding customer service.

Established in 1959, we have spent over 50 years developing and manufacturing a complete line of quality fan products to serve customers worldwide. From small fractional-horsepower units to large 3000 HP fans, Northern Blower has a fan for your every need.  Choose almost any industrial process imaginable and you’ll find a Northern Blower fan utilizing custom design and construction, special materials, exotic coatings, and every possible accessory to fit an extended range of use.


89021v5v1Auburn was the first company to introduce electrostatic/triboelectric (TRIBO) bag leak detectors and solids flow monitors to monitor and measure dust, powders, and bulk solids for environmental and process control applications.

Auburn’s product line ranges from simple broken bag detectors, flow switches, and dust monitors to comprehensive bag leak detection systems for a wide variety of applications.


imagesHartman Scale Company Inc. was started in 1980 to provide custom weight control systems for the food processing, and chemical processing industry. We design and fabricate material handling and weighing systems to accommodate the exact needs of our customers. We offer PLC systems to provide recipe storage, continuous batch sequences, and continuous loss in weight control systems. Some of our primary products include our bulk bag weighing stands and Multi Ingredient Batching systems. Our office and fabrication facility is located in Perkasie, PA, USA.


Midwest logo-2Midwest International is the industry leading provider of loading spouts, spout positioners, integral filter modules, gates/valves and bin vents/dust collection that make loading of dry bulks safer, faster and most importantly dust free.    Designed for easy installation, Midwest’s pre-engineered modules allow plant or consulting engineers to build stand alone bulk load out stations or complete loading systems using interchangeable modules.  Midwest was founded in 1967 and is a second-generation 100% family owned company.  For over 45 years , Midwest has designed and manufactured bulk material load out systems to some of the largest companies in the business, including Allen Sherman Hoff, Bechtel, Fluor Daniel, FL Smidth, Metso Minerals, BP Amoco, Exxon Mobile, Shell Oil, Cemex, Holcim, Lafarge, Carmeuse, Alcoa,  Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge, Cargill, Anheuser Busch, General Mills, Kraft Foods, Procter and Gamble, General Motors, Army Core of Engineers, Basell, BASF, Dow Chemical, Dupont, and many more.  When the Midwest name is on the product – the customer is assured it is built with pride will be supported as long as it lasts.


multi-vac logoMulti-Vac is a manufacturer of heavy duty and continuous duty industrial vacuum systems.  This includes stationary, portable on wheels, fork truck portable, trailer mounted and truck mounted vacuums designs which can be powered electrically, by gasoline, LP gas, or Diesel.  Multi-Vac provides standard designs or custom designs which can include handle explosive material and environments or include features such as HEPA filtration, cable reels, service platforms, super sack loading, intercept hoppers, and a wide range of other options.  By using conservative design standards, the Multi-Vac continuous duty industrial vacuum systems will have a superior operating life span and require minimum maintenance. A 2 year warranty is furnished with all Multi-Vac Industrial Vacuum System.  Multi-Vac industrial vacuum systems are made completely at the plant in Union Grove, Wisconsin U.S.A.



Pick Heaters logoIn 1945, Pick Heaters developed and patented a unique concept of Direct Steam Injection Heating. The original approach has remained unaltered…keep it simple and self-stabilizing, minimize moving parts and make it completely reliable regardless of operating environment. It is this design philosophy that has Pick at the heart of heating for over 60 years in industries ranging from food to chemical and pharmaceutical processing, pulp and paper to power plants. Pick Heaters has a worldwide network of qualified engineers along with its highly qualified factory staff to work with you to design a process heating system to meet your specific requirements.

Why choose Pick for Direct Steam Injection?

Energy Efficient – 100% heat transfer cuts fuel costs up to 28%
Precise Temperature Control – to within 1°C or less for many systems
Wide Operating Range – variable orifice injector provides unlimited turndown
Low Noise Level – normally below 85 dba
Low Liquid Pressure Drop – does not exceed 2PSI within normal flows
Complete Mixing in Heater Body – no need for pipe lengths after heater

Pick combines the Right Products with the Right People – Pick The Best.





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