Another aspect of the Carrington Communichemistry is the “Community”.

At Carrington Engineering Sales, because we have been given so much, we understand the importance to giving back as well.

Our employees give of their own time to work in many social and civic areas, including:

– Coaching in local soccer and basketball leagues.

– Volunteering in Local school projects such as:

· Judging a High School Science Classes pasta Bridge Design Competition…helping students explore engineering
· Helping a class at a middle school design race cars for a science class
· Raising supplies for local school Arts Programs
· Advising for DECA clubs

– Ecology Team at Quail Hollow PGA Tournament for fund raising

– Church Youth Mission trips both local and international
Fund raisers for Health programs like Histiocytosis Association of America (HAA)

– Room in the Inn programs for the Homeless
Work in Haiti to rebuild from the earthquake







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