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Bag Leak Detectors and Dust Monitoring

CARRINGTON ENGINEERING SALES has been the representative of Auburn Systems in the Carolina’s and Virginia for over 20 years.  We have worked with them from the initial development of the bag leak detection probes using triboelectric monitoring thru todays digital devices that can be used as continuous emission monitoring systems and to complete predictive baghouse maintenance devices to help reduce replacement costs and possible expensive emergency down times. We are here to assist you in the selection of the best combination of equipment to provide you with the optimum system for monitoring your plant dust systems.

AUBURN SYSTEMS, LLC designs, engineers, and manufactures dust monitoring equipment and systems. Auburn was the first company to introduce electrostatic/triboelectric (TRIBO) bag leak detectors and solids flow monitors to monitor and measure dust, powders, and bulk solids for environmental and process control applications. We remain the leading supplier of bag leak detection systems with more than 45,000 systems operating in the field at more than 5,000 diverse materials processing plants, world-wide. Our proprietary core technology, TRIBO.dsp, unifies DC impaction (triboelectric) and AC induction electrostatic signals for superior accuracy, reliability, and repeatability. Click on the link below to view the complete line of dust monitoring equipment.

View Complete Line of Leak Detectors and Dust Monitoring Equipment. 


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